Come What May


Rejection is painful.

When your fire is so strong for the things that you believe in, only to have it be put out by the people whom you admire the most, is heartbreaking.

How easy it is to just simply give up on whatever you have been working towards because hope seems lost.

But my dear, how would anyone know what the future would hold?

History has shown that even the greatest of empires eventually fall, that even the most respected of leaders can be wrong sometimes.

The only difference is how we pick up ourselves from here.

Don’t worry about falling short, you still have time on your hands. Don’t worry about missed opportunities, there are many more to come.

All you have to do is continue getting ready for when the time is right, and when that time comes, you will know that it will be your time to shine.

Come what may, be bold and go forth towards what you are meant to be.

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